Job lots: the double-edged sword of ‘e’

Recently I purchased the Portenzo for my iPad – as documented in my last blog post. The Portenzo is a hand-made iPad case that makes your iPad look just a little bit old-school.  It’s made of leather and wood and… Well, you get the idea.  It’s not for everyone, but those that like it, really … Read more

Of droughts, and flooding rains, of businesses and broken business continuity plans.

Well, this is a blog entry, and I have a thing for bad business poetry.  In Brizvegas, as you may have heard, we’ve had droughts a-plenty until the last two years, and then the flooding rains that just created a seeping, growing, black mess that crept stealthily towards everyone’s place of business or abode. Well, … Read more

The effect of the use of business technologies upon user knowledge: a qualitative methodology literature review

Context This blog pot is an assignment I wrote for my subject at University of Queensland.  Since it is never likely to be published anywhere, I did the next best thing – turn it into a serious looking blog post.  Somewhat more of an experiment than anything else. Author:  Micheal Axelsen 1 Introduction This paper … Read more

A ‘Guest Post’ for CPA Congress

A little while ago CPA Australia requested that I write a guest post for them for publication on the CPA Congress blog (, with the purpose of promoting my upcoming social networking workshop in Melbourne on social networking.  That post went live on Friday.  You can find the guest post at, and I reproduce … Read more

Where I work – my office

The CPA Australia Information Technology and Management Centre of Excellence is currently sponsoring research into Telework – which is essentially telecommuting.  One of the things that people frequently don’t realise is that, as an employer, when they have staff working from home there is some element of responsibility for the environment of work in which … Read more