Data management strategies

On 14th October 2009, I will be presenting at CPA Congress in Melbourne to the topic ‘Data Management Strategies’.  Apparently CPA Australia didn’t like my originally suggested title ‘The devil is in the detail – which is why the Lord of the Nine Hells should never be your DBA’, which I blogged about earlier.  I … Read more

Decision Support Systems And The Professional

Today I presented for the INFS332 class for Dr Sophie Cockcroft of the University of Queensland as a guest lecturer.  The class has been discussing decision support systems and how fantastic they all are; my role was to temper that enthusiasm a bit with a bit of balance, particularly with my work around the theory … Read more

How to Present While People are Twittering | Pistachio

Courtesy of @ekreeger, I thought this blog post might be a good one for anyone who presents in a world of Twitter: How to Present While People are Twittering | Pistachio. Having been involved in Rostrum for years, public speaking is, you know, one of my things, so it is interesting to know about how … Read more

Blog entry for 10th June 2009

Today I have had a coffee with Clive Warren, subject supervisor, and we have sorted out our general approach to the subject I am going to lecture next semester.  Major innovation:  two assignments and a group presentation on the final day of the course, no examination. I have also reviewed Ali’s assignment for him – … Read more