I live the life…

(This was written some twenty years ago, and is proof that I must have had some illegal substances when I went to university; either that or this was written the year I abstained from coffee – and paragraphs, it seems). His world was the world of death; a marginal existence he lead, built upon the … Read more

A Remington Monarch

Tweeting with @NicoleJensen (and @PattyCam) recently, and recognising that I have a lot of writing to do, I got nostalgic for the feel of a real typewriter.  So of course like everyone these days I go on eBay, and there’s a fantastic portable typewriter for sale (8 minutes to go) from arfandmarf, ready for my … Read more

Data management strategies

On 14th October 2009, I will be presenting at CPA Congress in Melbourne to the topic ‘Data Management Strategies’.  Apparently CPA Australia didn’t like my originally suggested title ‘The devil is in the detail – which is why the Lord of the Nine Hells should never be your DBA’, which I blogged about earlier.  I … Read more

Update on the PhD

Hmmm.  Well today was meant to be a really productive day in which I dealt with all the outstanding issues, wrote papers, read papers and set up my PC. PC got in the way through a case of destruction of MX records, and so I got half an article read (Tversky & Kahnemann 1974).  I … Read more