Of droughts, and flooding rains, of businesses and broken business continuity plans.

Well, this is a blog entry, and I have a thing for bad business poetry. ┬áIn Brizvegas, as you may have heard, we’ve had droughts a-plenty until the last two years, and then the flooding rains that just created a seeping, growing, black mess that crept stealthily towards everyone’s place of business or abode. Well, … Read more

ITGI Roundtable discussion

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending the Brisbane ISACA chapter’s Executive Lunch with John Thorp on the topic of Value Governance, Investment Management and Portfolio Management.  Amongst many other qualifications, John chairs the ITGI Val IT Committee. John’s luncheon presentation was very, very good, and reaffirmed some of the positions I’ve had for some … Read more

ISACA Executive Briefing on IT Governance

Today I am attending the John Thorp Executive Lunch on IT Governance (specifically, he is discussing value governance, investment management and portfolio management).  This is happening at the Convention Centre, and then afterwards I am attending a round table discussion for the IT Governance Institute on the topic of IT Governance and where it needs … Read more

Feedback from Optimising your financial reporting systems for long-term value

Well I did say the test of transparency would be whether I rushed to put up a poor evaluation of a presentation.  I did a roadshow for CPA Australia in July (24th and 25th) in Sydney and Melbourne to the topic of ‘Optimising your financial reporting systems for long-term value’.  The feedback that was received … Read more