20200421 A Covid Diary

So to try to keep myself a little focussed I’m just doing a bit of a blog entry for today on what I’ve done and been doing. First, this morning we went for a bike ride around UQ and out to Graceville.  I’m on my old Repco as the new bike I got for my … Read more

Day 1 of 2016 – Painfully moving home office on a public holiday? Argh!

Well, according to science fiction (fantasy) movies, 2016 is supposed to be a year of all sorts of technological marvels.  Well, it certainly is that, but no technology marvel that anyone made a movie about.  WiFi man, anyone?   Today I officially started my new role as Lecturer (BIS) at University of Queensland.  I’ve had … Read more

Kick-starting the blogging

So it would be fair to say that most of my blogging has been sporadic. So let’s take on a bit of a challenge – can I blog, weekly, for the duration of Semester 2, 2015? I will aim to refresh this website a bit as well, if I can find the ‘spare time’ to … Read more

And so, I got my phd…

My phd was conferred on 23rd May.  Here I am at the ceremony two months or so later in the UQ Centre.  So now, armed with a phd in business information systems, I am trying my hand at a postdoctoral research fellowship with UQ.  More notices as events warrant.