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(This was written some twenty years ago, and is proof that I must have had some illegal substances when I went to university; either that or this was written the year I abstained from coffee – and paragraphs, it seems). His world was the world of death; a marginal existence he lead, built upon the … Read more

The effects of continued use of intelligent decision aids upon auditor procedural knowledge

This is the abstract of my confirmation document; this abstract won ‘best abstract for unconfirmed phd student’ at this year’s University of Queensland Research Colloquium: Student:  Micheal Axelsen Supervisor:  Professor Peter Green, Dr Fiona Rohde ABSTRACT This research proposal builds upon the theory of technology dominance (Sutton & Arnold 1998), which has as one of … Read more

The effect of the use of business technologies upon user knowledge: a qualitative methodology literature review

Context This blog pot is an assignment I wrote for my subject at University of Queensland.  Since it is never likely to be published anywhere, I did the next best thing – turn it into a serious looking blog post.  Somewhat more of an experiment than anything else. Author:  Micheal Axelsen 1 Introduction This paper … Read more