MNCs in Emerging Markets: International Human Resource Management

I am acting as MC/chair of the panel for this event (“MNCs in Emerging Markets: International Human Resources“) 5th March at Customs House. I am looking forward to it. Registration details are in the attached if anyone wishes to attend. This event is the brainchild of my good friend Maria Beamond, and it promises to … Read more

So – why does the US hold its elections on a Tuesday in November?

I am just preparing for tonight’s Rostrum meeting and decided to mention that pesky United States election thing. I found this discussion on Election, which as an avid follower of US politics I found interesting – and intriguing.  As it is currently Tuesday in the United States (that whole time zone thing means it’s actually … Read more

Total Recall Remake – a Science Fiction Geek’s Review

So I thought I’d post up my review of the Total Recall remake.  Since I’d gone to all the effort of writing it on my Facebook. This film had a lot to live up to, with the predecessor film having starred the perennial Arnold Schwarzenegger. On its own and without referencing the original film, the … Read more