Feedback from Facebook, MySpace, YouTube & Flickr

Today I received feedback from the presentation I gave back in October 2008 (!) on the presentation ‘Facebook, MySpace, YouTube & Flickr – managing and leveraging the business impact of social networking sites’. Again going for that whole transparency thing. Feedback was very good – technical content rating was a 4 (Very Good) and presentation … Read more

Season’s greetings from Micheal Axelsen & applied insight pty ltd

Click here for a full screen version of the eCard. Just for you, I’ve created my very own Australian-themed Christmas card this year, complete with the Kingswood I had in 1992.  We’d gone on a trip to Northern New South Wales, mis-read a Refidex, and what can I say – apparently Kingswoods aren’t four-wheel drives, … Read more

Can employers tell us what we can do in our private, online social networking, lives?

If your employer tells you to ‘stop doing that, you’ll go blind’ online, do you have to stop doing it?  Short answer:  yes, with a but.  As I specialise in long answers though – see below.  Caveat – I’m not a lawyer.  This probably misses a ton of stuff cos I’ve shortened it from the … Read more

IT Audit Methodologies

Isn’t it interesting?  Well, maybe not quite as much as, say, online social networking, but my PhD requires an investigation into the impact that the adoption of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) means for IT audit processes within Australian firms.  I naturally assumed that ‘IT audit processes’ would be, you know, focused on those IT … Read more