Of droughts, and flooding rains, of businesses and broken business continuity plans.

Well, this is a blog entry, and I have a thing for bad business poetry.  In Brizvegas, as you may have heard, we’ve had droughts a-plenty until the last two years, and then the flooding rains that just created a seeping, growing, black mess that crept stealthily towards everyone’s place of business or abode. Well, … Read more

ITGI Roundtable Conference article now available

I see that ITGI has posted the transcript of the roundtable we did back in September 2008 or so.  It covers off some of the leading lights in IT Governance in Brisbane – and then I’m there as well: Tony Hayes, FCPA, Queensland Government, Australia Micheal Axelsen, FCPA, Director, Applied Insight Pty Ltd., Australia (that … Read more

Answering assignments at a University Undergraduate level

Anyone who has been following my twitter lately will have come to the realisation that one of the things I have been doing for fun and profit lately is lecturing in IT Governance at Queensland University of Technology. I have to say, as for the fun and profit side of things, I don’t think I … Read more

BSB213 Governance Issues in e-Business – Workshop 10 and Workshop 11 Solutions

At the request of a student, I am blogging the solutions to Workshop 10 and Workshop 11 of the subject I have been teaching at QUT. These are absolutely not intended to be ‘perfect’ answers for the tutorial – they are designed to enhance discussion – but will give students a shot at understanding how … Read more