Brisbane Floods – the View from Fig Tree Pocket and University of Queensland

Well some of the people dropping by this blog may be interested to see a short video of the floods that have recently devastated Brisbane. The irony is that you wouldn’ t have known about the floods where I was – I live on a hill – but they were real enough when you went … Read more

Using solar power in Brisbane to power my home with Origin Energy

Disclaimer:  my wife works for Origin Energy.  But this material was prepared for my brother-in-law and so I thought it was of sufficient interest to post to my blog.  We’re putting this deal in (unless they find that our roof space is insufficient). This is not a special deal for employees at the time of … Read more

The effect of the use of business technologies upon user knowledge: a qualitative methodology literature review

Context This blog pot is an assignment I wrote for my subject at University of Queensland.  Since it is never likely to be published anywhere, I did the next best thing – turn it into a serious looking blog post.  Somewhat more of an experiment than anything else. Author:  Micheal Axelsen 1 Introduction This paper … Read more