Phd Progress, writer’s block, and research approach – 2nd September

Two steps forward, one step back.  Yesterday I had to end up dealing with my research project management issues (practical things, like ring people and schedule them in for site visits), and so progress on the confirmation document was stymied.  I am wondering though if I should stop finding supporting research, just write the bloody … Read more

Update on the PhD

Hmmm.  Well today was meant to be a really productive day in which I dealt with all the outstanding issues, wrote papers, read papers and set up my PC. PC got in the way through a case of destruction of MX records, and so I got half an article read (Tversky & Kahnemann 1974).  I … Read more

The effect of the use of business technologies upon user knowledge: a qualitative methodology literature review

Context This blog pot is an assignment I wrote for my subject at University of Queensland.  Since it is never likely to be published anywhere, I did the next best thing – turn it into a serious looking blog post.  Somewhat more of an experiment than anything else. Author:  Micheal Axelsen 1 Introduction This paper … Read more

What are the AIFRS changes?

Just a note I’ve prepared based upon my PhD project.  You’ll either get it or you won’t. AIFRS Changes At the core, AIFRS is made up of two factors:  Auditing Standard changes (ASA’s) and Australian Accounting Standard changes (AASB’s). Therefore, there are two components impacting upon IT audit methodology: More information to be recorded by … Read more

ITGI Roundtable Conference article now available

I see that ITGI has posted the transcript of the roundtable we did back in September 2008 or so.  It covers off some of the leading lights in IT Governance in Brisbane – and then I’m there as well: Tony Hayes, FCPA, Queensland Government, Australia Micheal Axelsen, FCPA, Director, Applied Insight Pty Ltd., Australia (that … Read more