Feedback from Facebook, MySpace, YouTube & Flickr

Today I received feedback from the presentation I gave back in October 2008 (!) on the presentation ‘Facebook, MySpace, YouTube & Flickr – managing and leveraging the business impact of social networking sites’. Again going for that whole transparency thing. Feedback was very good – technical content rating was a 4 (Very Good) and presentation … Read more

Friendly business

The business of accounting is business. Nobody said that, but it’s true nonetheless. Accounting is a profession that is definitely not about counting beans and wearing cardigans these days. CPA Australia members are core parts of every aspect of Australian business life, and so it is unsurprising that they are often among the first to … Read more

A ‘Guest Post’ for CPA Congress

A little while ago CPA Australia requested that I write a guest post for them for publication on the CPA Congress blog (, with the purpose of promoting my upcoming social networking workshop in Melbourne on social networking.  That post went live on Friday.  You can find the guest post at, and I reproduce … Read more

Social security

About this article In about April I got a phone call asking me if I could write an article very quickly for the CFO Software guide of 2008.  This guide is produced in association with CPA Australia every year, and every so often the Information Technology & Management Centre of Excellence writes an editorial piece … Read more

Don’t be the Llama Loser: Social Networking Websites, your business, and your career

Yesterday I had the pleasure of presenting to the CPA Australia IT Discussion Group on the topic of social networking websites, and how they can affect your business and your career. If there’s one crucial message, it’s that you need to be judicious about what you put on the internet, use the privacy options on … Read more