Resource-dependent rural communities

Introduction to the assignment I am currently working on.  Just for you, @raark: 1    Introduction Australian rural communities that are economically dependent upon a single primary industry can be particularly affected by systemic change in industry viability over time (Marshall, Fenton, Marshall, & Sutton, 2007).  The challenges faced by such communities are only increased by … Read more

How to Present While People are Twittering | Pistachio

Courtesy of @ekreeger, I thought this blog post might be a good one for anyone who presents in a world of Twitter: How to Present While People are Twittering | Pistachio. Having been involved in Rostrum for years, public speaking is, you know, one of my things, so it is interesting to know about how … Read more

Gail Trimble and Geek Girl eye-candy

I’m married to my very own geek girl, who is a devil at Trivial Pursuit and answers questions like ‘Why can’t dead people participate in the tax refund bonanza going on in Australia at the moment?‘ – and is actually right (unlike most people at pub quizzes). I also remember going to a musical performance … Read more

But maybe I’m a knowledge labourer after all

For some time I’ve been one of those accounting/ICT people who delves into the world of knowledge management every now and then.  This is an area of practice where buzz words abound – communities of practice, centres of excellence, and the venerable ‘knowledge worker’ to name a few. In the past week I’ve had cause … Read more

Friendly business

The business of accounting is business. Nobody said that, but it’s true nonetheless. Accounting is a profession that is definitely not about counting beans and wearing cardigans these days. CPA Australia members are core parts of every aspect of Australian business life, and so it is unsurprising that they are often among the first to … Read more