Work Life Balance: What if I told you doing insane hours is not the same as doing your PhD?

And so today I am here to talk about work-life balance in your PhD. Work-life balance is one of the ‘seven deadly sins’ of academe. The PhD is the worst kind of study for work-life balance. More than any other form of study, the PhD requires hard work without direction and hard work without deadlines. … Read more

Towards the development of a theoretical model of coffee

In developing a theory of coffee, it is necessary to consider several inalienable postulates: – Coffee contains caffeine and therefore caffeine makes you hyper. – Being Hyper makes you do stuff. – Doing stuff is a Good Thing. From the perspective of this theoretical model, therefore, it can be seen that any substance that contains … Read more

Catching up…

I have been working away on my thesis, particularly my ARC research data.  Doing some interesting things that will make it to this blog eventually – I have been using Leximancer to analyse the transcript data of 59 interviews.  That is finally working well (the trick is to have the right version of the software, … Read more

Scrivener – Draft academic template for academic writing

At the urging of Twitter user beautyiswhatudo, I have posted up here my academic template for writing journals and publications according to a somewhat generally accepted approach.  The reader can download the Scrivener 2.0.4 template here. I do have some notes for someone intending to use this template; these notes are included in the Academic template. … Read more