Update on the PhD

Hmmm.  Well today was meant to be a really productive day in which I dealt with all the outstanding issues, wrote papers, read papers and set up my PC.

PC got in the way through a case of destruction of MX records, and so I got half an article read (Tversky & Kahnemann 1974).  I also have to update the interview protocol for the ARC project.  There is a bit of fun going on at the moment in the context of exactly trying to define what an ‘IS audit’ is.  Grrr. 

Still I am adamant that I will get somewhere with this – look out for a short paper on cognitive psychology and its relationship with user expertise.  Now I really should go and do some proper work.  It is my intention to use this blog a bit more to pick up this material around technology dominance and so on.  Let’s see how that goes.

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