Resource-dependent rural communities

Introduction to the assignment I am currently working on.  Just for you, @raark: 1    Introduction Australian rural communities that are economically dependent upon a single primary industry can be particularly affected by systemic change in industry viability over time (Marshall, Fenton, Marshall, & Sutton, 2007).  The challenges faced by such communities are only increased by … Read more

ITGI Roundtable Conference article now available

I see that ITGI has posted the transcript of the roundtable we did back in September 2008 or so.  It covers off some of the leading lights in IT Governance in Brisbane – and then I’m there as well: Tony Hayes, FCPA, Queensland Government, Australia Micheal Axelsen, FCPA, Director, Applied Insight Pty Ltd., Australia (that … Read more

An introduction to the Carbon Emissions Reporting regime in Australia

This is a blog post from a CPA Australia Carbon Emissions Reporting Discussion Group meeting – the inaugural meeting – that I attended on 18th November 2008.  Danny Power from PwC is the convenor.  There will be an election of office-bearers at the end of the next meeting.  The topics under discussion are going to … Read more

ABC Learning: The Parents’ Dilemma

Here in Australia, the big parental news (well, amongst parents of the under-5 set it’s a big topic, and amongst singletons and non-parentals it’s kind of a non-issue) is the failure of ABC Learning.  A failure that comes despite guaranteed cashflow, subisidised products, high demand for services, and captive guilt-ridden parents.  We have a 3 … Read more

Accounting for the Emission Trading Scheme

As part of the good old PhD, I’m looking at some of the impacts of reporting changes around the adoption of IFRS in Australia upon audits.  As part of this, I’m taking a look at accounting for the Emissions Trading Scheme – mostly because it’s interesting and topical. The Australian Government has flagged an intention … Read more