And so, I got my phd…

My phd was conferred on 23rd May.  Here I am at the ceremony two months or so later in the UQ Centre.  So now, armed with a phd in business information systems, I am trying my hand at a postdoctoral research fellowship with UQ.  More notices as events warrant.

Phd progress – and life

I really should blog more, I think.  I made the last post back in February, and here it is, August! And so many things are happening, not the least of which is my phd getting closer and closer to submission.  I’m going to try and get a bit better at blogging – I think the … Read more

Work Life Balance: What if I told you doing insane hours is not the same as doing your PhD?

And so today I am here to talk about work-life balance in your PhD. Work-life balance is one of the ‘seven deadly sins’ of academe. The PhD is the worst kind of study for work-life balance. More than any other form of study, the PhD requires hard work without direction and hard work without deadlines. … Read more

My very disorganized desk

A book from the library. Stats textbook. Nurofen for phd induced headaches. Empty wallet. New external battery case for my HTC phone. Site plans for a proposed upcoming renovation. Glasses tool because the little screw keeps falling out of my glasses. A snapshot of my life right at the moment. Sigh. But at least I … Read more

Scrivener to Word Visual Basic Formatter – Converting Scrivener to Word with Style

So I have said previously that one of the issues I have had with using Scrivener to write with is also one of its strengths:  Scrivener doesn’t do formatting. It separates the formatting of the word from the writing of the word. The idea is, you write your Great Australian Novel in Scrivener, and then … Read more