Phd Confirmation Document – Progress

I am really having to pull my finger out and get together this confirmation document for my phd. A confirmation is the first major milestone of the phd, and it is essentially the first ‘gate’ to be passed to show that the phd candidate has what it takes to get their doctorate.

I still have too many distractions but need to focus on writing this material up. Most of the thinking is there, but I need to bring it all together.

As part of the motivation, I will start to regularly post how progress is going on my blog – and perhaps see if I can get a blog post or two out of it in the area this research is delving into.

At the moment, I have a title (‘The effects of continued use of intelligent decision aids upon auditor knowledge’) and a word count of 9,030.

As Rebecca Sparrow said on 612 Brisbane radio last Thursday, to be a writer, you have to write!

to be a writer, write!

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