Eulogy for my grandfather, Percy John Brown

Today, at 10am, I am giving the eulogy for my grandfather who passed away, aged 87, after a long illness.  This is the eulogy I have prepared.  Rest in peace, Percy. Percy John Brown.  Jack or Johnny to some, Percy to others, but certainly Pop to his fifteen grandchildren, 26 great-grandchildren and three great, great … Read more

Decision Support Systems And The Professional

Today I presented for the INFS332 class for Dr Sophie Cockcroft of the University of Queensland as a guest lecturer.  The class has been discussing decision support systems and how fantastic they all are; my role was to temper that enthusiasm a bit with a bit of balance, particularly with my work around the theory … Read more

The implications of NGERS and CPRS on information systems

Last week I was invited to present to the CPA Australia Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Discussion Group as part of the CitySmart Innovation Festival, along with Danny Powers, Michele Chelin, and Andrew Rogers. It was an informative night and I think the audience appreciated what we did, as usual.  At any rate, I did promise … Read more