Genius. Pure Genius.

Definitely in the ‘fun stuff’ category lately for me is the ‘Girl Genius’ webcomic.  There are lots of free webcomics out there, most of which have about zero art, less humour, and zip plot.  Girl Genius, though, I can appreciate (although I’m not a huge fan of the ‘paper dolls’).  Especially since I’m married to … Read more

Evernote’s watchful eye

I note that over the weekend I twittered about my examination of Evernote 3.  I’ve been a user of Evernote 2.2, and I believe my tweet was something to the effect of: “Struggling with Evernote 3 – wondering if I could use gmail with imap instead. Answer looks like ‘no’” That was on Saturday. Yesterday, … Read more

Social security

About this article In about April I got a phone call asking me if I could write an article very quickly for the CFO Software guide of 2008.  This guide is produced in association with CPA Australia every year, and every so often the Information Technology & Management Centre of Excellence writes an editorial piece … Read more

Ubuntu, Ubuntu, we want you!

I think I have expressed an overriding concern regarding Windows Vista on both my blog and through my Twitter feed.  In essence, I feel gypped.  Vista is a great way to slow down an astronomically fast machine.  Sometimes I’ll be typing away on it and it will decide to do something on its merry own, … Read more