Gail Trimble and Geek Girl eye-candy

I’m married to my very own geek girl, who is a devil at Trivial Pursuit and answers questions like ‘Why can’t dead people participate in the tax refund bonanza going on in Australia at the moment?‘ – and is actually right (unlike most people at pub quizzes).

I also remember going to a musical performance at UQ in 2000 – at the height of Big Brother – and paying $6 to see a performance by the musical geniuses there.  I thought $6 was a lousy amount to pay, but they were so very, very good.  For the record – a xylophone is fine to play as a 5-year old, but when you have five of those donger-things (I’m very musical) going at once, that requires real, absolute, talent.

And despite clear talent and deserving people all over the place, we celebrate so much absolute mediocrity and ignorance on television (bloody bunny-ears on your head and the ‘bum-dance’ – obesity and mediocrity writ large?) so it was with much delight that I see Gail Trimble is apparently not someone you would want to invite around to play Trivial Pursuit – ‘Superbrain’ stuns Britain with genius quiz show run – but is still supremely intelligent and should be celebrated, not mocked, as some seem wont to do.  No doubt they are driven by their own ignorance, fears, and clear lack of interest in the world around them.

Although this piece about burning her at the stake for obviously being a ‘whore-strumpet of Satan and a bit smug‘ is funny, I think any woman who is intelligent, smart, presents herself well and knows her way around Latin literature should be celebrated for their ability and skill.

For the record, I attach a photo of my own geek girl, who I’m very proud of and think is also terrifically good-looking in a swimsuit.  She once answered the question ‘What Irish alcoholic Welsh poet wrote <some bloody obscure piece of poetry>?’ with ‘Dylan Thomas’.  Correctly.  I may be a philistine but I still have little idea of who Dylan Thomas is.  [Ed:  apparently]

You are in clover with intelligent geek girls.  Unless of course they decide to use their powers for evil – in which case run very fast, because they WILL catch you.  Geek girls come highly recommended – although to some it seems that being a demonstrably smart girl is less socially acceptable than taking up another hobby like, say, kitten-blending.

2 thoughts on “Gail Trimble and Geek Girl eye-candy”

  1. Um… Dylan Thomas was Welsh (and wrote poems like “The Force that through the Green Fuse Drives the Flower” and “And Death Shall Have No Dominion”, and the famous radio play “Under Milk Wood”).

    I’m glad you appreciate geek girls though 🙂

    (Not sure why Ms Trimble’s undoubted sartorial elegance is relevant to whether she should be celebrated.)

  2. Oh OK OK – Welsh then (this is why I keep losing Trivial Pursuit) :).

    Perhaps I should try fact-checking sometime. After all that’s why we invented Wikipedia.

    For the record and in order to defend her reputation, geek-girl looked at what I’d written and said, ‘you idiot, he was an alcoholic Welsh poet’.

    I guess the only relevance for sartorial elegance is that the jealousy would possibly be not quite as bad if she presented herself in very large cardigans with Mickey Mouse on them. Although to be fair that was acceptable clobber in the 1980s if re-runs of Growing Pains are anything to go by…


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