Javascript and passing parameters through forms

I am lecturing the subject INFS7210 Fundamentals of Electronic Commerce at the University of Queensland this semester (Semester 2 2011).  As part of this, everyone is learning to program using javascript and web pages.  The course is only an introduction to web page programming.  I thought I would document up one of the issues students … Read more

Decision Support Systems And The Professional

Today I presented for the INFS332 class for Dr Sophie Cockcroft of the University of Queensland as a guest lecturer.  The class has been discussing decision support systems and how fantastic they all are; my role was to temper that enthusiasm a bit with a bit of balance, particularly with my work around the theory … Read more

Thinking Rock 2.0 to Outlook Import Code – Provided as is and all disclaimers!

A commenter (Richard Brand) on an earlier post asked for the code I used to import only the active tasks into Outlook from the xml file.  I do believe this is possibly the worst programming code ever written, but it works, mostly, for how I used it at any rate.

I should note though that when I do the import into Outlook, it regularly freezes my Blackberry Task list so that I have to do a hot boot (take out the battery) to reset it (it comes up with a java error).

Code provided as is, without warranty, use it at your own peril and, quite frankly, it probably won’t work for you :).  But you may be desperate enough to try.

Note:  you will need to put this into an Outlook VB code module, and link that to a button the toolbar (which you click to do the import).  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you probably shouldn’t be trying this.  You will also need to provide the path to your TR file (“myFile” is the variable).  All tasks imported from TR have the category “ZZZ Thinking Rock”.  Projects are ignored (Outlook doesn’t want to know about them), but project tasks that are currently active are brought over.  At the end of this process, all active tasks are imported into Outlook.

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Not a good decade for Microsoft

Technorati Tags: vista,microsoft I knew I didn’t like Windows Vista all that much, but apparently Gartner feels much the same. Operating system (OS) development times are too long and they deliver limited innovation OSs provide an inconsistent experience between platforms, with significant compatibility issues; Other vendors are out-innovating Microsoft. I have been saying for a … Read more

Linux – saviour of the universe or right royal pain?

I have had a self-imposed blogging holiday.  After a while you start to get a tic in your left eye and go around wearing an Vulcan-shaped alfoil earmuffs.  Or perhaps that is just me – I’m not sure. Actually, I just had four weeks holiday travelling as far as exotic North Ipswich (with two small … Read more