Decision Support Systems And The Professional

Today I presented for the INFS332 class for Dr Sophie Cockcroft of the University of Queensland as a guest lecturer.  The class has been discussing decision support systems and how fantastic they all are; my role was to temper that enthusiasm a bit with a bit of balance, particularly with my work around the theory … Read more

The first of three types of ambiguity: potential ambiguity

Again, this is lifted from my thesis which looks unlikely to ever see the light of day unless I take it off the shelves in BEL library at UQ. Potential ambiguity arises when a term or a sentence is ambiguous in and of itself, for example, before its use in the context of a sentence … Read more

Answering assignments at a University Undergraduate level

Anyone who has been following my twitter lately will have come to the realisation that one of the things I have been doing for fun and profit lately is lecturing in IT Governance at Queensland University of Technology. I have to say, as for the fun and profit side of things, I don’t think I … Read more

Doing my PhD

Well for a long time I’ve been fascinated by business – did my Commerce degree at UQ in 1991 – I tortured myself a fair bit by deciding to do the Honours course.  Which was nothing like I thought it would be, and was certainly the hardest year of my life (so far) work-wise.  Graduating … Read more

Guest Lecturer – QUT International Business

I am somewhat passionate about the impact of information systems upon business, and so when I had the opportunity to address the international business and ebusiness subject at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) last week, I fair jumped at the chance. I think that information systems are the very close bedfellows of business – a … Read more