Intelligent Decision Aids and the Accounting Professional

Last Wednesday evening (25th May 2011) I was invited to present to the CPA Australia discussion group for Information Technology.  The topic was to do with my research, and is all about intelligent decision aids and the accounting professional.  Thanks to John Halliday of BDO in Brisbane as the discussion group convenor for his suggestion … Read more

Data management strategies

On 14th October 2009, I will be presenting at CPA Congress in Melbourne to the topic ‘Data Management Strategies’.  Apparently CPA Australia didn’t like my originally suggested title ‘The devil is in the detail – which is why the Lord of the Nine Hells should never be your DBA’, which I blogged about earlier.  I … Read more

Decision Support Systems And The Professional

Today I presented for the INFS332 class for Dr Sophie Cockcroft of the University of Queensland as a guest lecturer.  The class has been discussing decision support systems and how fantastic they all are; my role was to temper that enthusiasm a bit with a bit of balance, particularly with my work around the theory … Read more

The mother of all demos – and ‘intellectual workers’

Wowsers.  Saw on this video:  ‘the mother of all demos’ by Doug Engelbart in 1968:  I haven’t seen all of it yet – you’ll need to set aside a chunk of time – but it promises to be really, really interesting.  Considering that this is back in the day when you wrote your own … Read more