Guest Lecturer – QUT International Business

I am somewhat passionate about the impact of information systems upon business, and so when I had the opportunity to address the international business and ebusiness subject at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) last week, I fair jumped at the chance.

I think that information systems are the very close bedfellows of business – a clear understanding of both is a key component to career success for most people in business.  So, the powerpoint ‘Career Issues in IS’ is attached (I also understand that QUT made a video of the Thursday night lecture, so I’m sure that’s available to any uni students who are sufficiently interested.

By way of postscript, I note that the students were far more polite than my university class would have been – no-one interrupted the presentation with snoring, for example.  In our day I would have been the recipient of several hundred badly-formed paper planes, I am sure (all those other GenX miscreants, I assure you)…

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