Brisbane Floods – the View from Fig Tree Pocket and University of Queensland

Well some of the people dropping by this blog may be interested to see a short video of the floods that have recently devastated Brisbane.

The irony is that you wouldn’ t have known about the floods where I was – I live on a hill – but they were real enough when you went out there.  Particularly to University of Queensland:

And then there was the water racing by at Fig Tree Pocket – again, water views, normally sought after in this city, were suddenly a whole lot closer than was comfortable:

And I have to report – I am a victim of the floods.  I went out on my precious motorbike to get these videos, and hit a pothole the size of a garbage can lid.  That ‘slight bump’ brought a tear to my eye and cracked the fuel tank on my 30-year old motorbike.  Ah vey.

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