Not a good decade for Microsoft

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I knew I didn’t like Windows Vista all that much, but apparently Gartner feels much the same.

  • Operating system (OS) development times are too long and they deliver limited innovation
  • OSs provide an inconsistent experience between platforms, with significant compatibility issues;
  • Other vendors are out-innovating Microsoft.

I have been saying for a while now that innovation does not occur in operating systems these days – it’s all on the web these days and outside of the desktop.  And Office 2007 is quite frankly a lame duck as well.  Unfortunate that I’ve spent $2000 on Microsoft software (eek).  Unfortunately for Microsoft, it takes a while to turn around behemoth operating systems and I think it may take a decade for them to get over their Vista is Fail experience.

The only troubling thought – what would I move to if I went away from Windows?  I know linux & OSX are out there but still – tranquil hegemony rules all…

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