ABC Learning: The Parents’ Dilemma

Here in Australia, the big parental news (well, amongst parents of the under-5 set it’s a big topic, and amongst singletons and non-parentals it’s kind of a non-issue) is the failure of ABC Learning.  A failure that comes despite guaranteed cashflow, subisidised products, high demand for services, and captive guilt-ridden parents.  We have a 3 … Read more

Answering assignments at a University Undergraduate level

Anyone who has been following my twitter lately will have come to the realisation that one of the things I have been doing for fun and profit lately is lecturing in IT Governance at Queensland University of Technology. I have to say, as for the fun and profit side of things, I don’t think I … Read more

BSB213 Governance Issues in e-Business – Workshop 10 and Workshop 11 Solutions

At the request of a student, I am blogging the solutions to Workshop 10 and Workshop 11 of the subject I have been teaching at QUT. These are absolutely not intended to be ‘perfect’ answers for the tutorial – they are designed to enhance discussion – but will give students a shot at understanding how … Read more

Business impact of online social networking

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of presenting a three-hour workshop at CPA Congress in Melbourne on the ‘Business Impact of Online Social Networking’.  Partly my presentation was regarding the business risk of online social networking, but also considering the positives and how online social networking can be used to make growing your enterprise. @micktleyden … Read more

ITGI Roundtable discussion

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending the Brisbane ISACA chapter’s Executive Lunch with John Thorp on the topic of Value Governance, Investment Management and Portfolio Management.  Amongst many other qualifications, John chairs the ITGI Val IT Committee. John’s luncheon presentation was very, very good, and reaffirmed some of the positions I’ve had for some … Read more