GenY and the Workplace

This morning I had the pleasure of presenting to the Southbank Institute of Tafe’s COTAH (College of Tourism and Hospitality), helping out one Nicole Jensen who I met on twitter.  As I understand it the exercise is to ensure practical experience regarding event management – i.e. run an event, rather than take in what the subject matter was.  I am probably wrong though, and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about fireworks and the shoe-wearing exploits of Jenny Gaskell.

Incidentally I wonder how long it will take Jenny to find this reference given that the subject of my discussion was GenY and the Workplace, and the impact of online social networking upon business :). 

Anyway – if you’ve come here for the slides be disappointed no longer.  The slides are reproduced below on SlideShare and for download as a PDF:  GenY and the Workplace.

GenY and the Workplace

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: online social)

As always, feedback welcome.

3 thoughts on “GenY and the Workplace

  1. Nicole Jensen Reply

    Great to see it up! The other speakers for the day were Bob Blore Pyrotechnics (Bob), Major Brisbane Festivals (Lynette) and Backbone Youth Arts (Andrew).

    I’m going to update the JE blog today as it needs reviving and I want to write about the series so far. Plus what’s to come too!

    Cheers, Michael. Great job 🙂

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