CPRS Panel for CPA Australia

I am a delinquent blogger.  Very, very delinquent.  That isn’t because I haven’t been doing interesting stuff, it is because I have, and although I tweet regularly, I don’t always get around to making another blog post.

So by way of ‘advance notice’, I am just saying’, I am presenting at a panel for CPA Australia next week on the effect of the CPRS (Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme) on business.  Even though it’s been delayed, the reporting imposte is still going to be there.

Here’s a link to the panel I’m speaking on:


I’ll post my notes and slides (it’s only 10 minutes) next week, but it promises to be an interesting event.  Some people still argue about the science – for me, that’s as maybe, given that there IS a reporting scheme coming in :).  Eventually.

2 thoughts on “CPRS Panel for CPA Australia”

  1. It went fairly well, I thought. Was done with two other speakers – Andrew Rogers & Monique Chelin.

    It’s really interesting when you take a look at the mechanics of the CPRS and how it ACTUALLY works. And then realise how many people don’t understand that.

    Slides are to be posted soon – flooding up here & other work commitments has put paid to local blogging activities for a bit.


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