Applied Insight Website

Finally, after much hacking and gnashing of teeth, I have pulled together my company’s website –  There are still a few niggling issues but it is basically done.

Considering the great expense gone to with design (I did it myself, although the logo is compliments of the lovely Vanessa from Raspberry Creative), I am pretty happy with the results. 

The site is hosted at Yahoo, and I set up WordPress on a MySQL Database to host it, and hacked apart a free three-column theme for WordPress.  I exported most of the entries from this blog over to there as well.  I’ve integrated the site with Twitter so people know what I’m currently doing, and I’ve integrated photos using Flickr.  Grand total cost:  about $A14 a month.  Everything else is open source and tweaking on my part.  I haven’t gone pro with Flickr yet – we’ll see how that goes.

For posterity – here’s a screenshot:

Probably loses something from the widescreen but there you go.

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