More on the phd progress

Well, the phd is progressing, albeit slowly.  I stopped the daily word count as I am awaiting feedback from my supervisors on what I already had; as I am still awaiting said feedback, and deadlines are looming, I have recommenced work on the confirmation document.  I should also point out that I also had to prepare eight lectures for the subject I am lecturing at UQ in project management, and write an 800 word article for CPA Australia on the pros of online social networking.  Which, for the sake of amusement, I wrote the first draft on my 45-year old typewriter.

In that context then, since September 4th, most of the work being done today, the word count has increased from 10,486 words to 11,251, an increase of 765 words.  Which is not too bad consisting I re-wrote the integrated theory section and am now addressing the methodology (I can see Moore & Benbasat 1991 is going to be the death of me yet).

Oh and I found this videoclip disturbingly familiar.

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