Kick-starting the blogging

So it would be fair to say that most of my blogging has been sporadic. So let’s take on a bit of a challenge – can I blog, weekly, for the duration of Semester 2, 2015?

I will aim to refresh this website a bit as well, if I can find the ‘spare time’ to do so. I’ve noticed there are a lot of links etc that are no longer working. One topic of interest will be, what is the topic of interest.

I will be interested to see how that goes – maybe you will be too. Not sure.  It will also be interesting to see whether blogging has the longevity.  I’ve been doing this, off and on, for 10 years now – I don’t know that blogging is quite as important as once it was.  Maybe that is cathartic, maybe that comes with some more freedom to do what works for the individual.  

Anyway – let’s see if some pep can be added to the currency of this blog.

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