Cardwell Christmas Lights 2013!

Dear $FacebookUser – this has cropped up several times in my newsfeed now.

Cardwell does not have a Mosque. No muslim community asked for Christmas lights to be taken down. If you are sharing a statement that says otherwise, it is a hoax, a lie, a hate designed to spread ill.

It says something about Australians though that we are so quick to accept and share such easily-debunked vitriol without question. As a 5th generation Australian (as best as I can tell, anyway), I’d like to think it’s a simple naivety. That’s a best case scenario.

Look, there’s plenty to complain about with respect to a great many things, including Islam, cyclists, motorbikers, dog-breeders, uni students, Christianity, Rastafarianism, academics, accountants, tattoos, Fast and Furious movies and Holdens. There’s really no need to get offended by made-up stuff.

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