Social networks and their importance in eCommerce gateways

I’m a lecturer in information systems at the University of Queensland, and, quite frankly, avoiding the notion of social media is really hard these days.

I teach the IS for Management course to post-graduate students and the IT for Business Value courses for our MBA courses. Karthik Reddy at LearnMedia forwarded it to me. I’ve found a pretty good infographic on social networks and particularly how they relate to electronic commerce – it is done by the good folks at And indeed it’s a lot of work.

16Best’s brief seems to be all about internet marketing and becoming a ‘go-to source for reading buyer’s guides and product reviews’ (see here:

Actually, I’ve described it as an infographic but it’s really one big infographic that is made up of a series of infographics – e.g. top e-retailers, social shoppers, percentage of social commerce revenue, history of social commerce. What I particularly like given my academic bent is that it lists all the sources that support the infographic at the end – not something that you get too often with an infographic. I immediately forwarded it to colleagues – and their feedback was quite positive.

So with all that said – here’s the link to the infographic and below is the actual infographic (be warned:  it’s quite long!):