Fun Times with IS Audit Exams

When you do this job of mine, you have to amuse yourself where you can. Now that the deferred exam is over, I can share my creative masterpiece that is my IS audit question for Cool Cruzin’ Crazy Concerts:

(a) The principal of Cool Cruzin’ Crazy Concerts, Barry ‘Baz’ Tpzelzki, has the contract to sell all Australian tickets to Tina Guo’s worldwide Classical Crossover music tour, ‘Arthas to Zelda: Game On Gear Grinding’. The concerts are to be held in multiple venues throughout Australia, and every ticket sold is allocated a seat.

Tina Guo is an internationally renowned electric cellist known for her distinctive sound, videos that showcase her talent, and her classical takes on popular gaming music. Her shows have theatrical backdrops and elaborate costumes, and she has a mastery in a wide range of genres including major motion picture, television, and game scores.

Some concerts will be held in large concert halls in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. However, some concerts will be held in the more intimate venues such as the Hall of Arts in smaller regional towns such as Ballarat, Miles, Gundagai and Snowtown.

Barry wants to sell the tickets through his agents located in gaming stores, internet cafes, and backpacker hostels in regional Australia. Some of these agents have limited access to the Internet. Barry will also sell these tickets at the door of each venue on the day of the concert for walk-up patrons.

Describe the three ‘database distribution methods’ discussed in lectures that might apply here. Explain for Barry the advantages and disadvantages of each database method in relation to the sale of tickets to Tina Guo’s concerts.

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