HP 2133 MiniNote and the case of the Flaky Keyboard

I’ve had the mini-note for a while and it continues to be a good machine to have.  Its size is of course the best feature, and of course its worst.  If you try to get ‘real work’ done with it for too long, it will cause you pain and grief.  Still, that is exactly to be expected.

The only semi-sour note so far has been that the keyboard has had a flake come off the ‘E’ key so that you couldn’t see most of the E, and leaving an ugly white spot on the key and a a slightly odd feeling when you type on it.  This is cosmetic only of course, although slightly annoying in a brand-new machine.

Yesterday I rang HP, who advised that the warranty does not cover ‘cosmetic’ issues but that as a ‘one-off’ (I wonder if this is code?) they are sending me a brand-new keyboard to put into the machine.  Brickbats to HP for not covering what should be a warranty thing in my view (legally it probably isn’t), but kudos to HP for then going above and beyond to provide me with a new keyboard when they didn’t really have to.

Searching the internet, I can’t find other examples of this happening, so perhaps this issue is a one-off and perhaps I am just really, really tough on the ‘e’ key.