Bone ITIL Moments

I note that the blog I referred to the other day (erp4it) has a link to an article discussing the application and history of ITIL in the United States (BTW, it stands for “Information Technology Infrastructure Library”). I seem to be falling over ITIL a lot these days – in IT Governance work and other … Read more

ERP4IT – Discussion on IT Governance

I today noticed the business blog of “alphasong”, discussing IT Governance and the academic community’s approach to it – it would seem that he/she is concerned that academic business research tends to be doing “hard IT” rather than looking purely at the business and IT crossover points. Having done some IS research in a business … Read more

IT Governance and Shareholder Value

I note that the IT Governance Institute (it’s chaired by Tony Hayes, my predecessor as Chair of the ITM COE for CPA Australia) has released a “Guide to IT Value @ Risk”. The guide will be found here, while the IT Governance Institute can be found here. IT Governance is about the way that the … Read more