GenY and the Workplace

This morning I had the pleasure of presenting to the Southbank Institute of Tafe’s COTAH (College of Tourism and Hospitality), helping out one Nicole Jensen who I met on twitter.  As I understand it the exercise is to ensure practical experience regarding event management – i.e. run an event, rather than take in what the … Read more

Social networking and recruitment of GenY?

I was asked over at the CPA Congress community: Are you in the main, referring to Gen-Y/Z recruitment? Is it assumed that social networking sites are less relevant to the GenXers and boomers? Also, i am of the view that it takes a multitude of factors to retain Gen-Y. Is it even possible to retain … Read more

Oh, twitterific!

I just saw on my twitter a reference to this fun video which is a bit of a lampoon of the world of Twitter: Don’t know much about twitter? See this video here: Warning: Open comments – YouTube! – if you click through. Technorati Tags: Twitter

A ‘Guest Post’ for CPA Congress

A little while ago CPA Australia requested that I write a guest post for them for publication on the CPA Congress blog (, with the purpose of promoting my upcoming social networking workshop in Melbourne on social networking.  That post went live on Friday.  You can find the guest post at, and I reproduce … Read more