Analogue Organiser in a digital world

Yes I am still here and yes I still blog. It’s been very busy since I passed confirmation; in the past month I’ve been to Perth, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane (although that’s my home town) and Melbourne – all in the name of furthering my research. I thought I’d document what I was doing for my … Read more

Feedback on ‘Communicating financials to management: Developing effective reporting mechanisms’

Back in August, I gave a presentation for CPA Australia at Royal on the Park, which had as its objectives: How to develop effective reporting mechanisms that ensures data of high integrity and quality Responding to management information needs: how to develop a process that ensures timely response Other key reporting and systems issues that … Read more

Living with the HP2133 Mini-Note

I note that Dell has just released its UMPC equivalent, the Dell Mini-9.  Of course, when you see a new release in the market you’ve just bought into (clearly, I bought the HP2133 Mini-Note), you get a case of buyer’s remorse.  However, from what I can tell the Dell is smaller and of course this … Read more