Business Blogging goes Mainstream

Blogging seems to have all grown up, gotten serious, and become a business tool if BRW is this week (27/05/2005) reporting on business blogging and its effect on modern marketing.

Apparently it is the saviour of marketing (according to a marketing person), which will only be the case when marketing understands how it works and what the message really is.

Email Management and a Good Night’s Sleep

I note (thanks Phillip Smith) a Hewlett Packard research item (reported at that indicates that emails and text messages create a greater loss in a person’s IQ than smoking marijuana. At least, that’s the headline – but the study also provides a comparison showing that being constantly interrupted by emails has the same impact on your IQ as missing a full night’s sleep.

The study doesn’t mention the long-term effects of email use, but one would think that the long-term “e-mail withdrawal” symptoms can’t be good.

I suspect banning email won’t be the answer for productivity increases (can you imagine receiving 120 phone calls a day instead?), but this is probably a reminder note to regularly schedule email-free time. If it is important, they’ll call you. I suspect many people suffer from the symptom that the next email could be really interesting (even if the last five weren’t).

I know I do, and if I find a good therapy group I’ll post it on this website.