Me, unshaven and wondering how long it will last

Me, unshaven some more., originally uploaded by Micheal Axelsen.

This is about day 10 of no-shaving. I’m thinking of buying suspenders and growing a beard for that full academic look.

I think I look like a young Leonard Maltin with a terrible beard. Don’t know how long it will last – previous best effort is about two weeks. I suspect I’ll be clean-shaven all next year.

6 thoughts on “Me, unshaven and wondering how long it will last”

  1. @Kymba, it’s a way of regaining your lost manliness. The choices are to grow a beard or begat more children. The second’s getting difficult these days so it’s time to look like a caveman with a mid-life crisis…

    Thanks: M

  2. Screw growing a beard on holidays, I cultivate mine at work….as if i’m gonna look scruffier than the bunch that walk through the doors at my work ūüėõ


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