A table with which I am far too obsessed

We are undergoing major renovations at home at the moment (kitchen and deck) so we donated some things we don’t use (what IS a tajine and why would I want one?) to St Vinnie’s. 

While we were there, I saw this fantastic older table and chair set for a mere $260,  just the right number of second hand scratches.  I have nowhere to put it, especially during renovations, but it just looked so good and useful. If I had my deck covered in I would have bought it I think. 

This counts as workstreaming as I had to go and pick up my motorbike yesterday morning and I popped in again on the way back (my phone was flat on Sunday) ‘to take a photo for a friend’. 

On another note, St Vinnie’s at Jindalee is looking really terrific.  And they have a never-used tajine for sale at $12.

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