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Yesterday, as part of our services to the middle market, we decided to run a seminar on how to go about making a software selection.

We often find that businesses have a very tough time when it comes to picking new software. It’s often an expensive exercise, not just in the cost of the software – which is the cheapest component – but also in lost productivity and the distraction to the business. And the people that are distracted often are the ones that the business can least afford to have distracted. And the worst but all-too-common outcome is that the software selected doesn’t work out so you have to go through it all again.

So as a professional service we often offer to clients a service to wrap up the process, make the decision much easier, and make it happen. When the brochure comes out I will post it here, but the seminar is scheduled for 13 September and the cost is $60.

The full description for the seminar is:

“Selecting Software

This session is focussed on growing your business’s capability through a unique, simple, and innovative approach to selecting the software and technologies that make your business work smarter. The approach outlined in this seminar reduces the legwork and distraction of selecting new technologies, and increases the practical positive impact of your choice upon your business.”

And that says it all really.

2 thoughts on “Selecting software

  1. Brisbane Accountant Reply

    Hi Michael, I am interested in this seminar for myself as I have clients that have difficulties choosing software and maybe your seminar would assist me in putting together a selection criteria for them. Are you planning anymore of these?


    • micheal Post authorReply

      Hi Katy. I’m not planning any more of these right at the moment. This seminar was back in 2006 (would you believe I still have it in my files? Me neither).

      But given you’re Brisbane-based I’d be happy to have a coffee with you to discuss.

      Thanks: Micheal Axelsen

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